Nursery Olunden gives you sadiser material blueberry Certificate of the best quality and specialized consultancy for the establishment of the plantation.
We can give you both Technical assistance as well as carrying out the works necessary for the establishment of the plantation.

We have a Rich Portfolio with clients which have established plantations both by accessing European funds and with own funds.

We recommend consulting firms for Elaboration of the documentation for accessing European funds. These companies also have blueberry , their projects being successful.

IMPORTANT IN Choosing the planting plant material!

Following research and observations on the harmonious development of plants, there was an optimum ratio between the biological age of the plant, the volume root and the size of the lastarilor.

Save to the materials needed to establish the plantation!

We provide you Material manufacturers (peat, agrotextil, etc.) necessary for the establishment of the plantation in this way Avoiding additional costs intermediation.
* Our company can provide you with the necessary assistance to purchase the materials needed to establish the plantation.

The volume ratio of radicular and lastari on blueberry

Plants blueberry Root volume in potted plant with peat Last size Biological age
100 ml (alveole with 40 pcs) 10 cm – 15 cm 1 year
650 ml (pot 9 cm x 9 cm x 10 cm) 25 cm – 35 cm 2 years
1500 ml 40 cm – 50 cm 3 years
3000 ml 60 cm – 70 cm 4 years

By working with us you will benefit from the following free services:

  • A field trip and Ph analysis;
  • Recommendations needed for soil preparation and interpretation of analyses
  • The Bilonat (Forms Bilon, mounts the Agrotextil canvas and the drip hose);
  • Directions in planting, maintenance, plant health treatments
  • An annual visit to your plantation in the first two years after planting;
  • The possibility to market the entire cranberry production through our collaborators.

Paid service:

  • Elaboration of the documentation required to obtain the planting authorization (technical project of the plantation);
  • Design of the plantation in AUTOCAD;

Nursery Olunden offers you a diverse range of varieties at the best prices.

We offer discounts on quantities of more than 5000 pieces.
For personalized orders and offers please contact us Olunden

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