We Pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with the necessary assistance to build a business in this horticultural field that is currently on the rise in Romania.
Through these images we want to highlight our professionalism through which we manage to achieve each project in part.
We are proud that in Romania we have made a small contribution by actively participating in the achievement of more than 500 hectares of plantations, established with the support and consultancy provided by us and our collaborators, thus creating new opportunities in the field of Horticultural.


In order to optimise the costs of establishment and maintenance and the income obtained from the holding, we recommend planting Afinilor on Biloane covered with agrotextil cloth. The planting scheme for super intensive culture is 3 metres between the biloanelor axle and 0.7 meters between plants at a time, thus resulting in a density of 4762 plants per hectare.
In the formation of bilonului the acid peat is incorporated to increase the content of organic matter in the soil to sea the capacity of water and mineral retention of the soil. The soil in which plants will be planted is indicated to have a lightweight texture, a high content of organic matter (minimum 8%) and a PH between the values 4.8 to 5.8.
For more information, you can visit hundreds of hectares of blueberry of culture set up with planting produced by our nurseries.
By bunavoința our customers who can împărtași your achievements and experience, you can conclude your plan and succeed in this business.
Blueberry culture, a profitable business
Compared with other culture blueberry bush crops has a much higher level of profitability per hectare and a productive life of 40-50 years.
It is a very productive shrub, has no production alternanțe from one year to another, with record production of 58t/ha, but typical productions are between 12t-25t/ha depending on plant density per hectare and maintenance technology implemented.
Blueberry bush with high shrub is a widespread horticultural culture around the world; The demand for these miraculous fruits is growing both in food and in the pharmaceutical industry because research has been discovered that blueberries are very rich in antioxidants and have many curative benefits.
In order to optimise production costs and profit, production and profit plantations are not recommended blueberry less than 1,5 ha; the exception to this cost/profit analysis is made by plantations whose production is intended for local sale.

Description of varieties

Planting technique for culture afinilor

Maintenance of Blueberry Culture