Planting technique of Afinilor culture

Peat Administration


The soil characteristics required for blueberry

Blueberry Bush of culture

 it grows best in acidic soils with pHs between 4.5-5.8.To obtain a lower pH (more acidic) will be used agricultural sulfur and / or peat, and to obtain a higher pH (more alkaline) will be used amendment.

To increase the percentage of organic matter in the soil will include sawdust and/or 

peat, the necessary quantities will be 

Determined according to the results of the soil analysis chosen for planting.

Bilon Training

The sampling of soil will be done in the following way: From the parcel provided for planting, it will take from 3 different places about 100 g of the ground, from a depth of 5-10 cm.

For a full soil analysis please refer to the O.S.P.A. office (generally within O.C.P.I.)
Customers wishing to set up plantations we offer free acidity soil testing.

Planting Blueberry on Bilon

For small blueberry bush surfaces can be planted at the pit, but for larger plantations is recommended planting blueberry on biloane.

Biloanele can be formed according to the soil characteristics and the topography of the land, at a height between 30-50 cm from the natural rate of the land.

Bilon covered with agrotextil and drip pipe

The terrain has to be plowed, discuited or milled. Scarificarea is recommended if the terrain is plan and drains hard. After the mentioned works, the rows will be drawn at distances equal to 3 m, the sawdust and/or peat will be administered in rows and will be trimmed for their homogenization in the soil, and then the Biloanele will form.
The Biloane will be mounted on the drip duct.
In order to maintain Biloanele cleaner without weeds, we recommend that they be covered with agrotextil, plastic foil or wood chips.

Planting distance of blueberries on the bilon can be between 0.5 m – 1 m.

The optimal planting period The Afinilor is autumn and spring. If the plantation is equipped with an irrigation system it can be planted in any period of the year, except when the soil is frozen.

Distance between plants

Starting with April, plants must be irrigated, maintaining a constant moisture without balteascaing water. Excess irrigation results in rotting roots.

Things to avoid
Do not use sawdust from furniture factories because it can have adhesives and chemicals in the component.

Soil and planting characteristics for cranberry (Blueberry Bush)

Cranberry has a ecology similar to that of blueberry, being something more acidofil. The Red Blueberry Bush develops harmoniously on sandy land, well drained, with low Ph, between 4.0 and 5.0 values and a high content of organic matter. Planting Merisorului is done at the pit, in places with plenty of light and water source, they play a very important role in the growth and development of plants.

Blueberry Bush Raghavan

Biloane with plants

It can be planted in autumn or spring. Merisorului fertilization is done in spring, depending on the texture

Soil and is quite similar to that of blueberry. Fertilization is made with phosphorus, especially in the first year of planting to foster root development, nitrogen fertilization during the growth season. Weeding is very important especially in the first year of life, because cranberry is quite sensitive to weeds. Irrigation plays an important role, cranberry does not survive if its roots are completely dry.