Recommended varieties for superintensive plantations

Early varieties:


Bush: Vertical, up to 160 cm high, high vigurozitate, productive;
Fruit: Medium size, light blue, slightly oval, hard, sweet taste, bake in early July;
Observations: Blooms late after spring frosts, requires more intense trimming; It is suitable for mechanized harvesting.


Bush: Very vigorous, with a height of up to 200 cm, medium productivity;
Fruit: Medium size, light blue, hard, aromatic taste, bake in the second half of July;
Observations: The plant requires light and very well drained soils; It lends mechanized harvests.

Seasonal varieties:


Bush: vertical, medium height;
Fruit: Large, uniform size, hard, covered with pruina, good taste and aromatic;
Observations: The variety is super-productive with high quality fruits. Also suitable for mechanical picking.


Bush: vertical, vigorous, height up to 200 cm, very productive;
Fruit: Large, light blue, very good taste, bake in mid-July;
Observations: It is not a pretentious variety, withstands drought and is the most planted variety in the whole world.


Late varieties:


Bush: Vigorous, vertical, very productive;
Fruit: Medium size, blue color, superior to taste compared to other varieties during this period;
Observations: Bake after Bluecrop.


Bush: Vertical, vigorous, with a height of up to 180 cm, very resistant to frost, very productive;
Fruit: Medium size, light blue, good quality, bake from mid-August to mid-September;
Notice: to maintain the quality of the fruit, Bush requires proper trimming. The taste of the fruit towards the end of the season is a little sour.

Recommended varieties for Gardening:

Hannah's Choice, Blue Ray, Bonus, Chandler, Nelson and Patriot.


Cranberry is a tall shrub of 5-20 cm, with branched and cylindrical stem, with dwarf bushes that develop horizontally. The leaves are evergreen, small, oval, glossy. The Red blueberry flowers are white-pink, in the shape of a bell, grow on peaks and are grouped by 2-3; The flowering takes place over a period of 2-4 weeks from the end of June, in the beginning of July. Merisorului fruits are small, spherical, red and mature at 60-120 days after fertilization, depending on the variety and weather.

 For clients who want a wider variety variety, our nursery has biological material from 18 other varieties of blueberry With Bush High. By written order and a paid advance we can also produce these varieties.