Material quality planting produced in our nurseries is officially certified with the blue and C.A.C label.

Blueberry nursery Olunden

We the largest nursery producing blueberry tall bush (Vaccinium Corymbosum) shrubs from South-East Europe, obtained by 'in vitro' propagation technology. The resulting plants are genetically unmodified, high quality and disease-free.

planting Material produced by us is native to U.S. and is acclimatized to the weather conditions in Romania.
Olunden Nursery gives you Material planting of blueberry Certificate, specialised consultancy services with a view to setting up plantations blueberry , their maintenance and the marketing of production.
Our Nursery produces planting and cranberry material (Vaccinium macrocarpon), a plant related to blueberry bush, also known as Red blueberry.